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Fruit and Leaves


Regular contributor to Strength & Grace daily devotional, a bi-monthly published for caregivers.

Guideposts, Inc.

Book chapter "Our God Rains" for

God's Constant Presence, Volume 8  

Guideposts, Inc.

Devotional contributions in  Walking in Grace

2025 and 2026

Guideposts, Inc.

Minding Mom: A Caregiver's Devotional Story

Awaiting Publication



Essay "Young Organist Plays Maine's Oldest Organ" in The Tracker, journal of the Organ Historical Society


Monthly contributor to 

Strength & Grace daily devotional, a bi-monthly published for caregivers, published by Guideposts

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10 years of spiritual blog posts on my blog: Olive Tree 


Essay "Wind in the Pillows" in Good Old Boat Magazine, Jan/Feb 2023 Issue

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Blog "Back to Basics: Experiencing God at Army Basic Training Camp" in National Catholic Register,

Oct. 10, 2023 Online 

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Travel Essay "Scotland is My Cup of Tea" in National Catholic Register, Sept. 7, 2023 Online 


Essay "Harp Song of The Sane Women" in Good Old Boat Magazine, March/April 2022Issue


Covid-19 launched my 93 year old mother into full blown dementia.  I moved her into my home so that I could care for her.  Lisa’s devotionals that I read during this difficult season were so helpful and insightful to me.  Her words made me feel understood, and that I wasn’t alone in the battle.  Sometimes, the daily challenges a full-time caregiver experiences can bring feelings of frustration, and it is easy to get overwhelmed and weary. Lisa’s insights build up faith and courage, and always turn our eyes to the Lord, who never fails us.  I looked forward to reading Lisa’s pages with every new issue.  She has a gift for drawing on her life experiences to build others up in their relationships with the Lord, and point us to Him.

L.H. - Broomall, PA


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Lisa is a freelance writer and spiritual blogger who holds a BA in Journalism and receives continuing education from the school of hard knocks. Her writings reflect spiritual insights gathered, like wildflowers, along life's winding roads. She seeks to comfort wounded hearts and encourage those laboring in the daily trenches of life. 

Through contemplative prayer, Lisa finds solace in the fountain of mercy that pours out from the heart of Jesus. She publishes a one-minute photo devotion every Thursday at Lisa's in-print devotionals are found in Guideposts publications like Strength & Grace magazine for caregivers.

Additionally, Lisa serves as Communications Coordinator at Heart of the Father Ministries, home of the book Unbound by Neal Lozano.



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