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Life's a Journey

Now it is transplanted in the wilderness,

in a dry and thirsty land.

-Ezekiel 19:13 RSV

Perhaps we thought we'd be riding the waves by now, but instead we find ourselves stuck in a dry place that requires an uphill climb and a lot of work. What to do?

Pause and look around. There's a view from where you're standing— different from what you'd expected, but interesting nonetheless. And ask the Lord to help you flourish in this season. Are there needed improvements and repairs—necessary cleaning and polishing? Is there a friend or loved one willing to help out? Who knows, soon you may find yourself launched!

Lord, I'm feeling a bit stuck. Enable me to improve in this current stationary place. Clean me up, polish me, and please set me on the best course according to Your Will.

Photo: Lisa Livezey, "Upward Journey"



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