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Feeling Cut Off

Behold I do new things, and now they shall spring forth. - Isaiah 43:19 (DRB)

"It's out of the wound that growth comes." I heard that said recently and have been contemplating it.

Perhaps we feel wounded, cut off in our prime, and it seems like all is finished. Yet in time, new growth begins to appear. What is God doing?

Let's watch and wait. It looks different from the hopes and dreams that seemed abruptly cut off, but signs of life are evident and offer us promise.


Lord, when I feel cut to the quick, please provide hope. Thank you for the humility that forms within woundedness.


In my deepest wound I saw Your glory, and it dazzled me. // St. Augustine of Hippo


Think of a way you have been wounded. What growth and glory might be springing forth from that raw place?


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