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Solar Stare, Part II: "Solar Share"

But we do see Jesus. – Hebrews 2:9 (RSV)

Last week we considered the human desire to see God's face. But His brilliance, like the Sun, is too bright for our eyes to handle.

Amazingly, God wants to share Himself with us! And he provided a way.

The Way.

The Truth.

The Life.

The Son.

The Face

of Jesus.

Now we can look directly at the Son. No harm done to our eyes, no filters needed - instead, we are healed.


Thank you for being mindful of us, dear Lord, by sharing your Son with us. Thank you that in seeing Jesus' face, we see You.


“Many people nowadays say, ‘I wish I could see his shape, his appearance, his clothes, his sandals.’ Only look! You see him! You touch him! You eat him!” // St John Chrysostom


Behold the Holy Face of Jesus.

(For Part III, the finale of Solar Stare, tune in next Thursday - May 2nd!)

(photo: Lisa Livezey)


Author's note: Please accept my apology for the incomplete post this past Monday. How easy it is to hit "Publish" rather than "Save!" The post Making Do is scheduled for May 9th. If the thought of a 1-min Photo Devotion on Monday AND Thursday appeals, stay tuned. I aim to provide that option via Substack beginning this summer.


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