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A Barrel Thereafter

But you have kept the best wine until now!" - John 2:10 (GNT)

Does life seem like it is just barreling along with no clear goal? Surely there is purpose within every place we find ourselves, even when things feel aimless and perhaps used up. See here:

Formed barrels sit stacked, awaiting their original purpose.

Now, see here!

Barrels repurposed, spilling over with beauty. Keep in mind that these barrels endured lacerations and dirt in the enhancement process.

Lord, sometimes it seems like life is barreling along with no apparent plan, bringing undue amounts of pain and dirt. Help me to trust you in this present place and to spill over with beauty in my current space.

"I knew God would take care of all and make everything right in the end."

~ St. Mary MacKillop [Australian religious sister (d. 1909) founder of schools for the poor, an orphanage, and a halfway house for women released from prison.]

(photos: Lisa Livezey)


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