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Deer One

 My frame was not hidden from thee. - Psalm 139:15 (RSV)

It startled me, this fawn sitting alone, nestled among the extended patch of lilies. I have been told that mother deer go off to feed, leaving their young ones hidden. Tender, new, spotted, large brown eyes looking out at me.

Take heart, dear one. The Lord knows your location, too, and He cares for you.


Dear Lord, I am like a small deer hiding in a big world. Please keep Your loving eye upon me and protect me this day.


You have to cast yourself into the abyss of that divine solitude. Love and be silent, be silent and love! What silence, what sacred silence, what deep and holy love. // St. Paul of the Cross (1694-1775)


Do you feel more hidden or more exposed right now? Know that wherever you are today, you are seen by Him and He truly cares for you.


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