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Feeling Rotten?

So we do not lose heart. Even though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed day by day. (2 Corinthians 4:16 NRSV)

It's a fact -- sometimes we feel rotten. Maybe those near us look beautiful in comparison, or maybe those behind us display an established grandeur making us feel small, weak, worn out and poor.

When feeling inadequate and weak, we can offer to others a quiet sense of humble understanding because we are not the most beautiful or grand. In our lowly place, we recognize the need for God.

Lord, I'm feeling rotten. Help me to enjoy those around me who are beautiful and grand, yet recognize that You in Your mercy, are restoring my inner nature and have a purpose for me in this place.

"Were a soul like a decaying corpse so that from a human standpoint, there would be no restoration and everything would already be lost, it is not so with God. The miracle of Diving Mercy restores that soul in full. " (Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, 1448)


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(photo: Lisa Livezey 2023)


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