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Steeple Case

Look up to the skies and see. (Job 35:5 NAB)

   Copper steeple. Rusted steeple. Classic steeple. Clock steeple.

 Short steeple. Stone steeple. Clay steeple. Scottish steeple.

  Patina steeple. Modern steeple.  Golden steeple. Skinny steeple.

Country steeple. City steeple.

All the steeples, all pointing to God.


Lord, we are each unique. Let every one of us point towards You.


"Merely to love things above is already to mount on high." // St. Gregory the Great


Share with us which steeple most describes you and why. How are you pointing others heavenward?

(photos: Lisa Livezey)


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Lisa Livezey
Lisa Livezey
08 de fev.

I relate to the "Scottish Steeple" because my grandkids live in Scotland! The Scottish steeple shown is on top of an old country "kirk" (church) in a remote part of Scotland. I hope to point people to God by publishing one-minute photo devotions on OliveTree Blog.

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